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18 Mar 2018 : Adult Awards and Dinner Dance
The Adult Awards and dinner dance tickets are selling fast. To book and pay for your tickets Please click here 

11 Mar 2018 : U12 girls qualify for South of England championships
U12 girls qualify for South of England championships

Congratulations to the U12 girls who came second in today's Hampshire in2hockey championships. 

The girls narrowly lost the final to the New Forest, but will go forward to represent Hampshire in the South of England finals.

Well done to the team and coaches!

04 Mar 2018 : Easter Camp 2018

We are pleased to announce we are running our annual Easter Hockey Camp on 4th - 6th April @ Amery Hill School. It is aimed at any child up to and including U12 players.You can book for one, two or all three days.


Please note that it is open to non-members - so feel free to ask your friends!


We will be restricting numbers to 48 to maintain ratios of players and coaches.


You can book your place(s) here: Easter Camp

05 Feb 2018 : Quiz Night Results

A huge thank you for everyone who attend the Quiz Night last week we hope that good fun was had by all.

Below are the results of the Quiz.

See you next time

The 5th XI Quiz Masters

1st 4 POINTLESS 10 9 8 6.5 7 8 5 18 4 75.5
2nd 6 OVER THE MAIDEN 7.5 8 6.5 7 8 8 12 9 8 74
3rd 17 NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER 7.5 7 12 5 9 7 6 9 9 71.5
4th = 7 GCHQ 8.5 7 8 4.5 7 4 6 18 7 70
4th = 13 LUCKY 13 7.5 8 20 6.5 6 7 3 8 4 70
6th 15 3 NON BLONDES 9.5 6 8 6.5 8 4 3 16 8 69
7th 8 MOSTLY MEDSTEADERS 9.5 6 7 8.5 9 7 12 7 0 66
8th 10 MAD CARMOR 7.5 5 7 5 6 5 13 9 8 65.5
9th 16 LAST YEARS WINNERS 7.5 7 9 6 6 6 10 8 5 64.5
10th = 18 THE ROMANS 7.5 6 6 3 6 6 5.5 18 5 63
10th = 19 HEE FOR THE BEER 9 6 5 5 8 10 6 8 6 63
12th 3 THE TEAM WITH NO NAME 7 6 16 4 5 4 3.5 7 8 60.5
13th 11 POSINEG 7 7 3 5 9 14 3 5 6 59
14th 14 P.L.T.P.B.F.I.T.M. 9 5 7 2.5 7 5 4 14 5 58.5
15th 5 DESPERADOS 9 6 12 3.5 3 5.5 4 8 6 57
16th 9 I THOUGHT IT WAS A DISCO 7 9 7 6.5 9 10 3 5 0 56.5
17th 2 THE GRASS IS GREENER 7 5 7 8.5 4 7 3 14 0 55.5
18th 20 ORANGE JACKETS 6.5 5 5 14 3 4.5 3.5 7 6 54.5
19th 1 BENTLEY BELLES 5.5 5 5 2.5 3 6 4.5 8 4 43.5
20th 12 STAY IN THE 'D' CHARLIE 3 3 5 12 9 4 2 1 0 39

29 Jan 2018 : League Tables Now Available

We have updated the website with all team's league tables.

Click on the left hand site League Tables --> select team.

If you would like to bookmark them on your mobile, please add the following link:

20 Jan 2018 : Save the date for the dinner dance

The end of year dinner dance and awards evening has been booked for the 12th May. Further information will follow, but please save the date in your diaries.  

19 Jan 2018 : AHC - U16 Tour to Spain - We are on!

Dear Player and Parents,


Many thanks for your replies regarding the tour.  We are delighted to report that we’ve had a great response, and it seems as though we can make the tour a reality! 


15 players have indicated they are keen to tour, with 1 maybe, 2 declines and a handful yet to reply.  We also have a good core of parent helpers willing to come along (around 8 or 9 probable), so we can make it work from a safeguarding point of view.


The tour dates are confirmed as Sunday 21st – Wednesday 24th October based broadly on the itinerary attached. The hotel we will most likely be staying in can be found here:


As far as cost is concerned, it looks as though the £400 budget figure is not far off, depending on flight costs which are currently ranging between £110 and £160 with the low-cost airlines.  We are unable to get a fixed price on the flights until we actually book, so my proposal is to ask for deposits of £150 per person, to be paid into a separate Club Tour account (details to follow) no later than Feb 9th.  On the basis that we can deliver the whole tour (flights  INC LUGGAGE, accommodation, food and drink at hotel,  2 matches, transport to and from the airport and matches) for £440 or under, we’d like your consent to book.


N.B.  Accommodation is based on the girls sharing 3 per room.  There is a single room supplement of £15 per person per night for those that want it (adults).  There is also an additional charge for luggage - £20 for a 15kg bag, £22 for a 23kg bag  (Prices are per person per flight).  Perhaps we will be able to pool some of the luggage to keep costs down, but once we know what luggage is needed we can advise whether this cost can be incorporated into the total tour cost.


The next steps – 


  • Please check the dates above are ok.  Flight times are currently unknown, but will be from Gatwick airport.  Transport to/from Gatwick is down to the individual to organise.
  • Please make a payment of £150 (non-refundable deposit) into the Club Tour account no later than Feb 9th.  The sooner we can book, the better the chances of getting good flight prices. Bank details are: sort 77-95-21, a/c 87813960, name: AHC U16G Tour Account.
  • Please submit the full name of all tourists, as written on the passport, and the passport number. 
  • We will ONLY book the flights and commit to the tour if the total cost is below £440 as detailed above.  If the costs are higher, we will need the agreement of all those touring before we commit.
  • Please indicate what luggage you would like to take for each passenger.
  •  Please indicate if you want a single room subject to the supplement above.
  • Assuming the tour goes ahead, we would like to encourage the girls to do a bit of fundraising so that tour kit and transport for a day trip to Barcelona can be provided.  We will help with this.


Please do ask if you have any further questions in the meantime.  We will give you a further update very soon.


With best wishes


Grev and Matthew

21 Nov 2017 : Fundraising Target Reached!
Fundraising Target Reached!Alton Hockey Club celebrated at the weekend with their Final Push for a Pitch. The fundraising event held at Eggar's School set out to raise the final £8000 that the club needed to reach its £50000 target to support the school's bid to build a new astro turf, and they succeeded with flying colours. 

Having heard that planning permission for the pitch had been granted on Friday,  club members were already in fine spirits when they arrived to enjoy drinks and a hog roast. During the meal, attendees were treated to a fascinating and inspirational talk by ex-GB international goalkeeper and Director of Mercian Hockey, Simon Mason. He discussed his journey to where he is now,  choices that we make in life and about success (as well as ribbing Club coach and former GB international Soma Singh about his past moustaches!) 

Following Mason's motivational speech, Nick Godfrey stepped up to lead an auction of fantastic items including premiership football and rugby tickets, holiday home stays in France and Cornwall and a whole host of other amazing offers. The evening finished with dancing and safe to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Having reached their total target of £50000 over two years,  the club can only wait now for the date that the diggers can start,  hopefully before the start of next season to celebrate the Club's 40th anniversary! 

09 Aug 2017 : 2017/18 Season Membership Details

Here's a link to the new season's membership form: AHC_Membership_form 2017-18.pdf

There have been no increases in fees for this year!


Please note the following dates for payment of subs:

25th September (full payment or first instalment)

1st October - final deadline to be able to continue training and playing matches (£10 surcharge)

17th February - second instalment due


The reason for the slightly earlier than usual deadlines for first payment is that the new EH insurance policy will only cover unpaid members for three weeks.


Any questions, please email Matthew Steven -

19 Jul 2017 : AHC - Eggars Astroturf Update - Exciting News!

We have some great news from the Development Committee – the planning application for the new Astroturf @ Eggars has been submitted!


You can find details here:


Please can all members view the application and submit positive comments supporting the application? This is important as it demonstrates community support for the pitch.


Whilst on the subject of the new astroturf, we are into the final stage of our ‘Push for a Pitch’ campaign. Rather than ongoing small events to generate funds, we are proposing to hold another party at Eggars in November so  please save the date – 18th November 7pm to midnight. More details to follow but we are hoping to replicate and improve on the event we held last year!


Finally, we have been investigating other ways of generating funds without actually asking for people to donate. Impossible? Turns out it isn’t! We have set ourselves up as a cause on the Easy Fundraising site. By simply registering, any online shopping you do will result in a donation to Alton Hockey Club.


As an example, Gosport HC have been using this for about three months and in that time, over 51 people have registered and has resulted in over £600 of donations!


Please take the time to register at the following site, it takes under a minute and it costs you nothing, but will help the club!


More details on the 'Final Push for a Pitch' party to come soon!




The AHC Development Committee